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Parents Gateway

PG.gif"Why should you stay logged in?"Parents must stay logged in to receive Push NotificationsParents' SingPass ID and Password will not be stored in the app.

Parents Gateway Mobile App

The Parent Gateway(PG) Mobile App is an initiative by MOE to enable parents to interact with schools more conveniently on administrative and financial matters. Parents will also be able to use this app to stay updated on school’s programme and activities. 

The PG App will be implemented in all schools over the course of 2019. If you have two or more children and they are in different schools, you will be able to receive notifications for all your children on the same PG App. 

The free app will bring several benefits, including: 
  • Providing parents with timely information about school events (eg, enrichment and CCA activities) 
  • Enabling parents to perform a range of functions including giving consent for school trips 
  • Reducing usage of paper and decreasing environmental impact (hard-copies will no longer be provided) 

We strongly encourage all parents to download and use the PG App as it will bring significant benefits for parents, teachers and the school. 

Use of Parents Gateway from Term 3 on 1 July 2019

Seng Kang Secondary School will use PG to communicate with parents from Term 3 on 1 July 2019

Currently, we send letters to parents through hard-copies that students pass to their parents. These include letters about termly and ad-hoc activities, as well as letters from the General Office about finance or billing matters.  From 01 January 2020, the school will communicate with parents through MOE’s Parents Gateway (PG) Mobile App. The timeline for implementation will be as follows: 

May to 30 June 2019
Registration Phase 
  • Parents will need to download the PG App onto their mobile phone (available on iOS and Android platforms).
  • Perform a one-time registration process. You may refer to the step-by-step guide below.

July to 31 December 2019
Transition Phase 
  • Parents will continue to receive hard-copy letters through their children.
  • Seng Kang Secondary School will send out the same letters through the PG App. 

01 January 2020 onwards 
Implementation Phase 
  • Parents will receive letters only through the PG App.  
  • The school will stop sending hard-copy letters to parents.                                                                                           
(If there are parents who are unable to access the PG App, the child's Form Teachers will assist them separately.)

If you have any questions, please contact
Mr Low Young Kwang 
Teacher, Seng Kang Secondary School

Step by Step Guide: Setting up the PG Mobile App

Step 1: Setup your SingPass and 2FA 

  • SingPass and 2-Factor Verification (2FA) is required to access the PG App. SingPass is available to all Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Resident parents. If you have not yet registered for SingPass, or 2FA, please visit the SingPass website to do so. If you are not a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident (PR), you may also visit the SingPass website to find out if you are eligible for SingPass.
  • You may also scan the QR codes below to access the respective portals
QR Singpass 2 FA.JPG

Step 2: Download the Parents Gateway Mobile App
  1. Open the Apple App Store or Google Play Store app on your mobile phone. 
  2. Search for the ‘Parents Gateway’ mobile app 
  3. Download and install the app onto your phone. 
  4. Enable ‘Allow Notifications’ to receive push notifications.
Note: Supported OS Versions - Android 6.0 or later & iOS 9.1 or later
You may also scan the QR codes below to access the respective portals
QR Android OS.JPG

Step 3: One-Time On-boarding

1. Tap on “Log in with SingPass”
step 1.jpg
2. Log in with your SingPass (2FA)step 2.jpg
3. Tap on “Retrieve” to retrieve your child(ren)’s informationstep 3.jpg
 4. Tap on “Done” to complete the registration process.step 4.jpg
 5. Do turn on your notifications to view your child(ren)’s school announcements and activities.
PG notification.png
step 5.jpg