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Learning For Life Programme (LLP)

Seng Kang Secondary believes that sports are key platforms for character building. Through a vibrant sports culture, our school seeks to develop active and healthy students with character, enabling them to act as advocates who promote healthy lifestyle to their peers, family and the community. They will embody the school’s values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience advocating that health is everyone’s responsibility.

Students across all levels are taught a myriad of sports skills and key aspects of healthy living through a rigorous PE programme. They will have opportunities to apply what they have learnt in a competitive setting at various levels. Particularly, lower secondary students will go through hockey and football modules as part of PE programme where talents can be identified for further development. All students will also undergo a basic mental skills training programme to build resilience as they face different challenges in sports and their lives.

In addition, students in sports CCA teams will go through a rigorous programme built upon a strong foundation of character development and emphasis on advocacy work. With these in mind, our school has partnered key sports organisations, polytechnics and other institutes of higher learning in order for students to be exposed to more opportunities to deepen their learning and be equipped with relevant skill sets.

LLP Programme / Key Approaches

Leadership Development through Sports
      • Sports Education Model (Sec 1 & 3 PE Lessons)
      • Sports Leaders Programme

Champion Mindset
      • Growth Mindset Lessons (Lower Sec)
      • Mental Skills Training (Selected Sports CCA)

Inclusive community through Sports
      • Health themes VIA (Lower Sec. Classes)
      • Sports Outreach at Primary School
      • Sports Outreach at External Events (Partnership with Active SG)

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