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Student Management


Missing in picture: Mr Gary Song (Subject Head- Discipline) and Madam Ifah (Assistant Discipline Mistress)


To Discipline is to Care

The school adopts both the proactive and corrective approaches in promoting good discipline through the school values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience. While the corrective approach is needed to provide the pupil with the opportunity to correct the misbehavior, the emphasis is on the proactive approach to inculcate self-discipline.



Class Diary system, Good Character Award and Restorative Practices

The Class Diary system in the school aims to assist pupils in attaining the high standard of discipline expected of them. This is a system for monitoring pupil conduct(attendance, attire/appearance and attitude) and class care(cleanliness, furniture, IT equipment, etc). Classes are formally given ‘Model Class Award’ in October in recognition of excellent and consistent efforts to maintain a caring and conducive learning class through the school year. Individual pupils are given ‘Good Character Award” every term to motivate them to display their best behavior. All awards are given based on the school values.

Guided by the MOE Guiding Principles for Discipline, the school adopts “The Restorative Practices” as a tool to build positive relationships between pupils and community. This is based on our belief that good relationships help our pupils to grow and learn best. Pupils are guided through the following questions :

1. What were you thinking about when you ….(describe specific misbehaviour)?

2. What have you thought about since we started talking?

3. Is that a right thing or wrong thing to do?

4. Who has been affected by your behaviour? How have they been affected?

5. How can you prevent it from happening again?

6. What can you do to fix the problem / make things right?

7. What can the teacher do to help you?

We want our school to be a place where we can work hard, do our best and enjoy the company of the people we work with in pleasant surroundings. We want to feel proud of being a member of our community. So we,

  • Respect ourselves and exercise self-discipline.

  • Show respect, courtesy and consideration towards all members of our community at all times.

  • Respect the environment which we work.

This means in particular that:

  • In class, we make it as easy as possible for everyone to learn and the teacher to teach.

  • We move calmly and quietly about the school.

  • We always speak politely to everyone.

  • We are silent whenever we are required to be. (E.g. School Assemblies, etc)

  • We keep our school clean and tidy so that we can be proud that it is a welcoming place.

  • We look after our own property(i.e. personal belongings) and respect the property of others.

  • We are smartly dressed in correct school uniform.

  • Out of school (excursions, field trips, school competitions or any school functions; local or overseas), alone or with a school group, we conduct ourselves with pride and dignity and behave respectfully, safely and sensibly, as ambassadors of SKSS.