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Timetable & Assessment


Class Timetable
Semester 2Please click here

'N' & 'O' Level Intensive Programme Schedule
'N' level studentsPlease click here
'N' level students taking 'O' level subjectsPlease click here 
'O' level studentsPlease click here (Updated 30 Sept) 

End of Year Script Check Timetable
Secondary 1 to 3Please click here


End of Year (EOY) Assessment Timetable
 Secondary 1Please click here (Updated 25 Sept)
 Secondary 2Please click here (Updated 25 Sept) 
 Secondary 3 Please click here 

Semester 2 Assessment Information
 Secondary 1Please click here (Updated 25 Sept)
 Secondary 2Please click here 
 Secondary 3 Please click here 
 Secondary 4Please click here 
 Secondary 5Please click here