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Student Achievements

Best Budding Writers' Award 2019

Our SKY from class 1-3, Sakinah Banu clinched Best Budding Writers' Award at National Level Nanum Oru Padaipali - Gold Award! 

Sakinah Banu 1-3 2019.jpg

Asia Oceania Geographical Society - Earth Observatory Observatory of Singapore (EOS) International Geoscience Challenge 2019

Asia Oceania Geographical Society - Earth Observatory Observatory of Singapore (EOS) International Geoscience Challenge 2019

4 teams from Seng Kang Secondary School, comprising Secondary 2 Geography students, participated in the inaugural Asia Oceania Geographical Society - Earth Observatory Observatory of Singapore (EOS) International Geoscience Challenge 2019.

The teams started preparing since January and made it to the finals held on 29th July 2019 at Singapore Suntec Convention Centre.

The AOGS-EOS International Geoscience Challenge 2019 is part of the organizations’ effort to inspire and create greater interest in Geophysical Sciences among middle and high school students. The aim of the Challenge is to give students the experience of conducting an investigative Geoscience project under the guidance of their geography teachers and provide students with a platform to exhibit and share their findings with others.

We are pleased to announce that our 2-4 team, comprising Kelvin, Agnes and Xuan Ru, clinched the gold award for their project on “A Land Morphology Approach to Studying Flash Floods in Singapore”.

Congratulations to all 4 teams for emerging as finalists and achieving this breakthrough!

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YOUTHSPEAK Essay Competition 2018

1st Runner-up: Writing My Future (Written by Roiel Michael T. Alemania)

My future looks like this. I am an indie filmmaker, a notable name in the industry. I have created multiple short films that have won me a handful of awards and trophies. My films are representative of many problems faced by people every day, each film hiding a deeper subtext on the already fragile subject they portray. Otherwise, they are film adaptations of books that had not gone beyond ink and paper. Most of my films cash in a decent income or remain unknown and undiscovered. In this future I am content. On the other hand, my future could look like this... I would own a bookstore in a small town. Set up in a scanty and deplorable space were multiple bookshelves, and arranged on the rusty metal shelves were countless old books with yellowing pages. This bookstore – terribly forgettable – barely had a cent to its name... In this future I am demoralised. 

My future looks like this. In the corner of the room is a half-done Christmas tree, and on one of the walls is a banner saying ‘Merry Christmas’. I am on a couch, the light from a small flat screen illuminating the dark room. Next to myself is my partner, her head on my shoulder and our bodies wrapped in a fur blanket. I look around the room, seated on other furniture are my siblings with their own significant others. I turn my attention away from the movie and peek behind to see my parents and my in-laws preparing a hearty Christmas dinner. In this future, I feel loved. Alternatively, my future could look like this... I would slam my phone on the wooden table – ending the conversation with my sister. I began to pace around my small apartment in clear frustration. These conversations had become a routine; one of my siblings would call me in hopes of convincing me to return home for some family time. Ultimately, without fail, I would respond with a blunt refusal. I had left on bad terms with my parents, and occasionally my siblings would add to this turmoil. Ever since I had gone my own way, I had spent countless celebrations without my family… In this future, I feel abandoned. 

My future looks like this. I am rushing around my bedroom, snatching essentials left and right. I have a flight heading to Barcelona that is leaving in two hours. To fit my items into my very full luggage, I begin tossing clothes everywhere, not batting an eye where they land. Just before I exit the bedroom door, I take one last look to make sure I do not leave anything behind – almost immediately I want to look away – my room looks like it had been ransacked. My eyes dart to the desk beside my bed, where a globe of the world stood with thumbtacks marking out all my previous destinations. Most of South East Asia has been invaded by the thumbtacks whilst there are a few stray thumbtacks resting somewhere in America and Africa. Above that globe are all the certificates I have won through all my years of working as a filmmaker. I give out a short huff and lock the door of the apartment,ready for my next adventure. In this future, I am pleased with what I have done. In contrast, my future could also look like this... I would saunter into my apartment as usual. As I turned on the tap for some water, I realized that the water pipes had not fixed themselves yet. I stared blankly as water dripped out the pipe from two loose screws. I turned off the tap and ignored the tiny puddle it had left, not caring what atrocity would be in its place the next morning. I let my eyes graze the tiny, run-down apartment. Nothing in my life had gone the way I wanted: I had failed and dropped out of university, I got myself an apartment with rent that took up most of my pay check, I worked a desk-job that followed the same monotonous routine over and over again. I would barely have time for my family, let alone myself. I would take a deep breath to compose myself, and prepare to rest for the same experience the next day… In this future, I regret everything. 

I have no idea what lies ahead for me. I have neither a plan nor a sure-fire goal for my future. The future is an ominous expanse of infinite possibilities. Every single moment beyond the one I currently exist in, is a mystery. I am an open-minded person, I believe in the idea that anything is possible. And because of this, every bad thing is also possible. That is why I have written my future like this, with the good, the bad and the ugly. I am not trying to jinx myself with the incredibly undesirable possibilities I have written, I know things will not always go my way. Or maybe they will. Either way, it is perfectly fine to be wary of the future. Ultimately, it is not what one will do in the future that counts, what counts is what one does now. Now, am I ready for my future? No, I am not. Yet at the same time, I have never been more ready for anything.
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Written by:

Roiel Michael T. Alemania
Class 4-2 (2018)

Against All Odds

Seng Kang Secondary School has been a Special Needs Resource School since our inception. With strong dedicated support from the school, many of our special needs students have learnt to overcome their challenges and made impressive breakthroughs against all odds.

Since the school’s inception in 1999, the Special Needs Education Programme has always been an important aspect of the school’s culture. It was designated as the Resource Centre for Autism as early as the year 2000, as its focus on character development and values inculcation was believed to be able to provide the optimal support network and nurturing environment for our students with Special Needs. Their presence in our everyday lives have also provided the typically developing students and the school as a whole an opportunity to develop compassion and care for others who have different needs and require greater support.