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SKSS Parents in Partnership


To partner with every parent in developing each child holistically and effectively.


Every Parent a Supportive Partner

Parents in Partnership Programme

It takes a village to raise a child; Seng Kang Secondary School aims to engage every parent, encouraging every parent to be a supportive partner to the school. With that,  our vision  is to partner with parent in developing each child holistically and effectively.

In collaboration with Ministry of Social and Family Development, MSF, we will be organising a series of activities and workshops of the following areas,  Volunteering, Collaborating with Community, Design Making Opportunities, Parenting Engagement, Learning@Home, School Family Education .

Parents Support Group

For parents who would like to contribute more extensively, you are welcomed to join the  Parents Support Group, PSG .

Your involvement in school-home partnership by becoming a member of the Parent Support Group (PSG) in SKSS benefits your child, you as a parent and the school. Membership in the PSG:

  • Allows you to volunteer in school programmes/projects in a structured and co-ordinated manner; 
  • Opens doors to networking with other like-minded parents who come from diverse backgrounds and possess varied skills and experiences, all interested in serving the students and the school; and 
  • Provides opportunities for you to gain support from other parents in your parenting endeavours.

As a start, the PSG members who form the entire body of the PSG will be led by PSG Chariperson. The PSG members are to assist the school to plan, implement and review of the Parents in Partnership Programme and volunteering efforts.

The PSG members are co-opted to contribute in various ways, dependent on the availability, preference and interests of the parent. These can include:

  • Attending PSG meetings;
  • Providing feedback and suggestions on parental involvement;
  • Taking leadership positions in the PSG Executive Committee (in near future) when called upon;
  • Attending and supporting school functions and events as members of the PSG;
  • Recruiting other parent volunteers to join the PSG;
  • Representing parents’ voices and provide constructive feedback to help school sustain improvement;
  • Offering professional and personal expertise to the PSG to help improve its processes; and
  • Supporting and advocating the school’s mission, vision and directions.

For more details, kindly contact  Mrs Betsy Tan or Mdm Wee Shen Sze  at 6388 72588.

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PSG Meeting in Feb



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