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Department Beliefs

To engage, enthuse and inspire students to become active and confident learners in a scientific world, the Science Department employs Inquiry-based Learning (IBL) pedagogies and implements various programmes. The science lessons focus on developing critical and inventive thinking skills in our students so they are able to relate scientific concepts that they have learnt to real life.

The Science teachers are constantly upgrading themselves to better their craft so that they can design the best lesson experiences for the students to get them interested in and pursue a career in Science.

Core Curriculum    

The Science curricular focuses on the acquisition and application of various scientific concepts. Our students are engaged in lessons using IBL. They are also engaged in various activities that make use of collaborative learning to enhance their learning of scientific concepts.

Support and Enrichment

Beyond the normal curriculum, our students are also involved in various enrichment activities that serve to show the interconnectedness between the various science subjects. Students who are keen to participate in competitions to enhance their learning are also given the opportunities and necessary training for competitions eg IgNite Challenge, the Physics and Chemistry Olympiads.
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