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Physical Education

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Department Beliefs

General PE
The aim of the school’s Physical Education (PE) programme is to develop the physical, intellectual, social and emotional aspects of the Seng Kang Youth through rigorous and interesting physical activity. Planned purposeful PE will provide a diverse programme of pupil centred instructional activities allowing students to enter adult life with skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to enjoy a physically active and healthy lifestyle. It serves to compliment the holistic development of our students.

O Level Exercise and Sports Science
To further develop our student’s talent in Sports, the school offer Exercise and Sports Science as an O Level Subject.

GCE O-Level Exercise and Sports Science (ESS) is an interdisciplinary applied subject where students would be grounded in the disciplines of sports science with an understanding of sports sociology. Through the study of O-Level ESS, students would develop disciplinary thinking and practices of the subject and thus interdisciplinary understanding.

Students entering Secondary 3 can opt for the subject and offer it as an O-level subject. They will have an extra three hours of PE classes weekly, on top of the two hours of lessons for all students. This move provides students with another option to pursue their interests and engage their strengths.

Core Curriculum

The following activities are organised to promote healthy living and to provide a platform to building their character through PE & Sports.
Secondary 1 - Netball & Badminton
Secondary 2 - Basketball & Football
Secondary 3 - Softball, Handball & Floorball
Secondary 4 - Frisbee & Volleyball
Secondary 5 - Touch Rugby & Tchoukball
All Levels - Outdoor Education (OE), Physical, Health and Fitness (PHF)

Throughout the year, our students undergo continuous assessment of their level of competency in game skills mastery, fitness level and their ability to demonstrate sportsmanship and good values in our PE programme. All our students will strive to achieve a PE grade based on the following components
      • Games Skills (60%)
      • Physical, Health & Fitness (30%)
      • Social & Emotional Competencies (10%)
Competition Platforms
Inter Class Games (Term 4) and Sports Fiesta (Term 3)
Secondary 1 - Netball (Inter Class Games, Sports Fiesta)
Secondary 2 - Football (Inter Class Games, Sports Fiesta)
Secondary 3 - Handball (Sports Fiesta) & Floorball (Inter Class Games)
Secondary 4/5 - Frisbee (Inter Class Games, Sports Fiesta)

Support and Enrichment

Leadership Development through Sports
(Sports Education Model and Sports Leaders Programme)

At Seng Kang Secondary School, we aim to develop the leadership qualities of each students through PE lessons. For students who wish to further develop their leadership skills, they are invited to join the Sports Leaders Programme which aims to build character and leadership qualities through relevant and practical sports activities.

Sports Education Model (For PE Lessons)
The aim of the Sports Education Model is to develop a competent, literate and enthusiastic sportsperson. Students will take on leadership roles such as umpires, captains, team-manager etc.

Sports Leaders Programme (For Selected and Interested Students)
What is a Sports Leaders?
Sports Leaders make things happen! They know how to organise, to communicate and to get people involved in sports activity.

Sports Leaders are role models; helping others achieve their potential, helping their communities to get fit and lead healthy lifestyles.

Sports Leaders are also recognised through the LEAPs CCA management system; they are also valued by potential employers who recognise the initiative and skills of trained Sports Leaders.

Sports Leaders have a lot of fun. Becoming a Sports Leader is so much more than blowing a whistle: it gives skills for life.