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Department Beliefs

Every child wants to and can learn. In Seng Kang Secondary School, teachers apply a range of strategies and approaches to deliver the understanding of mathematical concepts and help students find motivation and meaning in learning mathematics. Through instructions, reasoning, problem-solving, and discourse, teachers support students in making sense of mathematics concepts and encourage perseverance in the productive struggle to solve mathematics problems.

Core Curriculum

The Mathematics programme spans across four years in a progression that ensures basic foundation of numbers, algebra, geometry, graphing, and statistics are instilled in students as they progress the depth of the mathematics syllabus at Seng Kang Secondary School. 

Students will be given ample opportunities to develop problem-solving skills and higher order thinking skills. Group work are planned in the curriculum to allow students to collaborate and learn together. Students will also be given authentic tasks to allow them to explore and apply what they have learnt in the classroom and connect the concepts to the world outside. Activities and manipulatives are incorporated into pedagogical methodologies in a structured approach to better engage low-progress learners to develop their appreciation and positive attitude towards mathematics.

Mathematical understanding are measured through the use of a variety of assessment strategies and tasks.  Assessments are planned to support learning and help make teachers and students make adjustments to instruction and learning.

Support and Enrichment

Structured baseline remediation programme are planned for all levels assist students to achieve expected competencies in core mathematics skills.

ICAN-trained (Improving Confidence and Achievement in Numeracy) teachers apply ICAN strategies to better engage and level-up mathematics proficiency of lower progress learners, addressing key areas of learning gaps, language, motivation and sustenance of knowledge in our students.

Talented students participate in Singapore Math Olympiad (SMO) competitions.  Participation in the SMO provided the students with a platform to challenge themselves and further develop their thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving skills.

Syllabus Documents

Here are the mathematics examination syllabuses offered to school candidates. 


Syllabus Documents (Link)

Mathematics Syllabus T

4046 Syllabus

Mathematics Syllabus A

4045 Syllabus

Additional Mathematics (Normal Academic)

4044 Syllabus

Mathematics (Ordinary Level)

4048 Syllabus

Additional Mathematics (Ordinary Level)

4044 Syllabus