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English Language & Literature

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Department Beliefs    

The ELL Department seeks to cultivate confident and thoughtful communicators; we believe that all students can learn to convey meaning effectively and graciously. By extension, we deploy a variety of pedagogical practices, that range from activity-based learning to consultative coaching, so that we may design learning experiences that both leverage our students’ existing strengths and develop their thinking about language use in relation to who they are, and how they can make the world a better place. At the heart of our curriculum are the twin practices of reflective thinking and collaborative learning that help to cultivate self-directed learning in students. In doing so, we are committed to cultivating traits and dispositions that will help our students better tackle future challenges.

Core Curriculum

The lower secondary curriculum focuses on extending skills taught in primary school so that students may continue to deepen their language competencies in the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening. At the upper secondary level, students are given the space to refine their language competencies and to develop personal voice so that they may have the confidence to express and discuss their worldviews in a mature and respectful way. Our department processes include:

      • Process Writing
      • Journalling
      • Reflections
      • Assessment for Learning (AfL)
      • Reciprocal Teaching
      • Annotation

Support and Enrichment

      • We utilise the Structured Support Programme (SSP) and Baseline Programme to improve the grammar competency and oracy skills of our students.

      • We create opportunities for students to watch professional drama productions.
      • We publish an annual publication - titled ‘Voices’ - featuring the best written work by students and staff.
      • We participate in the National Literature Festival
      • We organise an annual Learning Festival to cultivate a love for reading.
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