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Direct School Admission (DSA) and Learning For Life (LLP)

DSA - 2018 Direct School Admission (For 2019 intake)

No Sports DSA Trials on 14 & 21 July (Updated as of 27 June) 

We would like to thank all student and parents for attending the Sports DSA Trials. There will not be any Sports trials for Football or Hockey on 14 and 21 July DSA Trials. For those who are still keen to apply for a Sports DSA place in Seng Kang Sec, please email the school (Attn: Mr. Louis Ho, HOD PE/CCA) to make an appointment for trials by 20 July.

Building character through Physical Education & Sports


Seng Kang Secondary School (SKSS) was awarded Niche Status to develop hockey as a niche sports in the school in May 2009. This award has been a culmination of many years of sustained achievement by the school’s various hockey teams in the national competitions. In 2014, our Niche status was converted into a Learning for Life Programme (LLP), Building Character through PE & Sports. 

For more details of the school’s Learning for Life Programme, please scroll down. 

More information regarding the DSA can be found on the MOE website.

Selection Criteria

1.  School team players or its equivalent in primary school for any of the following sports:
      • Badminton (Boys & Girls)
      • Basketball players (Boys & Girls)
      • Hockey (Boys & Girls)
      • Football (Boys)
      • Netball
2.  Attributes
      • Character traits (Based on conduct grade and recommendation by teacher in charge, coaches etc) 
      • Physical skills (Technique, agility, speed)
      • Tactical awareness in game situations
      • Ability to work in a team
      • Leadership qualities

3.  Performance at selection trials
      • Sports Specific trials

4.  Others

      • Recommendation/testimonials from coaches/teachers
      • Awards/Accomplishments at relevant areas
      • Good track record of performance in CCA or relevant external involvement
      • Participation in Inter-school and/or International Competitions*
      • Leadership Positions held in the CCA

*Primary 6 students who do not have relevant experience in school CCA or did not participate in any sporting competitions but demonstrate talent in sports or in their relevant CCA will also be considered.

Shortlisted candidates will be assessed for their suitability and attitude. Parents will be invited to join and seat in the interview. 

7 May – 15 July 2018: Application open for all Primary Six Students, returning, Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and foreign students    

May - July 2018: Trials for Sports DSA during CCA Training.

16 July 2018, 5pm: Deadline for Submission of Applications.

Sports DSA Trials

Phase 1: May/June
Sport Dates (After MYE)** Venue Email Address of CCA Teachers

Hockey Boys

23rd May 2018 


30th May 2018


Seng Kang Hockey Stadium 

(57 Anchorvale Rd)

Mr Khyber Singh: singh_khyber@moe.edu.sg

Mr Benard Wu

Hockey Girls

23rd May 2018 


30th May 2018


Seng Kang Hockey Stadium 

(57 Anchorvale Rd)

 Madam Siti Zaiwah 

Mr Bernard Wu

Football (Boys only)

21st May 2018


23rd May 2018


School Field

 Mr Linus Neo

Mr Tan Boon Hwee


18th May 2018


1st June 2018


Parade Square or ISH Level 2

 Ms Eunice Chia

Badminton (Boys & Girls)

23rd May 2018


School Hall

Girls IC: Madam Debbie Gan 

 Basketball (Boys & Girls)
 23rd June 2018 
10am - 12pm
 ISH Level 1 Boys IC: Tan Hwee Ling 

Remarks : Email Teachers for registration and updates at least 1 day before the trials.

No Sports DSA Trials on 14 & 21 July (Updated as of 27 June) 

We would like to thank all student and parents for attending the Sports DSA Trials. There will not be any Sports trials for Football or Hockey on 14 and 21 July DSA Trials. For those who are still keen to apply for a Sports DSA place in Seng Kang Sec, please email the school (Attn: Mr. Louis Ho, HOD PE/CCA) to make an appointment for trials by 20 July.

Application Procedure

Step 1: Registration
Register online to register for any SPORTS DSA trials. 

Step 2: Application Form
Download the application form HERE. Hard Copies may also be obtained from the School General Office during office hours (Monday – Friday, 9.00 am – 5.00 pm). Bring the hard copy and submit during the DSA trials. 

Step 3: Submission of supporting documents 
Option A (Online): Email skss@moe.edu.sg to upload scanned copies of supporting documents.
(Email Title: DSA 2018: Name of Child)

Option B (Hard Copy): Bring along the following supporting documents (photocopied) to the application form. Certified true copies is only required if your child is shortlisted after the trials. 

Supporting Documents: 
   i. Passport-sized photograph
  ii.Relevant CCA Records
  iii.Photocopy of relevant supporting documents (optional) such as testimonials from coaches, participation in external    competition, representation in National Youth Team training etc.
  iv. Photocopy of applicant’s school Primary 5 Year-End results and Primary 6 Mid-year results or the equivalent for         applicants not from national schools


Submission Deadline is 16 July 2018, Monday, 5pm 

Completed application forms must be submitted by hand, together with all relevant documents to:
Attn: Mr. Louis Ho J Yen (HOD PE/CCA)
Re: DSA Exercise 2018 (For 2019 Intake)
Seng Kang Secondary School
10, Compassvale Lane
Singapore 545090

Applications that are sent through fax or e-mail will not be considered.

4. For students not studying in MOE schools, including Singapore citizens (SC) and permanent residents (PR), a letter issued by MOE HQ, which contains a Registration Number (unique to the student) must be obtained before they can participate in the DSA exercise. The letter may be obtained from MOE HQ Customer Service Centre, which is located at 1 North Buona Vista Drive, Podium Block MOE Building, S(138675) 

Contact Persons for more enquiries:
  1. Mr Louis Ho (Head of Department PE/CCA) at  ho_j_yen_louis@moe.edu.sg
  2. Ms Nazz (School Programme Executive) at nazzeera_mohd_yusoff@moe.edu.sg
  3. School Email Address: skss@moe.edu.sg
  4. Office Tel: 63887258

Visit the PE & Sports Website and Instagram.

Note: We regret that we will not be able to consider applications if application forms are not completely filled or supporting documents are not enclosed together with the forms.

Learning for Life ( LLP)

Building Character Through Physical Education & Sports


Seng Kang Secondary believes that sports are key platforms for character building. Through a vibrant sports culture, our school seeks to develop active and healthy students with character, enabling them to act as advocates who promote healthy lifestyle to their peers, family and the community. They will embody the school’s values of resilience, respect and excellence , advocating that health is everyone’s responsibility.

Students across all levels are taught a myriad of sports skills and key aspects of healthy living through a rigorous PE programme. They will have opportunities to apply what they have learnt in a competitive setting at various levels. Particularly, lower secondary students will go through hockey and football modules as part of PE programme where talents can be identified for further development. All students will also undergo a basic mental skills training programme to build resilience as they face different challenges in sports and their lives.

In addition, students in sports CCA teams will go through a rigorous programme built upon a strong foundation of character development and emphasis on advocacy work. With these in mind, our school has partnered key sports organisations, polytechnics and other institutes of higher learning in order for students to be exposed to more opportunities to deepen their learning and be equipped with relevant skill sets.

Programme Highlights/Design and Implementation

Lower Sec (Character Building)

      • Basic Mental Skills Training Programme (Growth/Mixed Mindset)
      • Sec 2 Outdoor Adventure Camp

Upper Sec (Leadership & Excellence)

      • Advanced Mental Skills for Student Athletes
      • Sports Outreach in Primary School and Community
      • Sports Leaders Programme
      • Applied Subject in Exercise and Sports Science (Formerly known as O Level PE)
      • Sports Fiesta

For All

      • Leadership Development through Sports - Sports Education Model in PE Lessons
      • Sports Leaders Programme 
      • Inter Class Games
      • Sports Fiesta (including Paralympic Games)

AEM (Sports Related) Plans for SKSS (LLP)

      • Awareness and Prevention of Sports Injuries @ Republic Polytechnic 
      • Sports Psychology - The Winning Edge @ Republic Polytechnic 
      • Sports Event Management @ Republic Polytechnic 

Key Outcomes

      • Individual: Character & Leadership Development through PE & Sports
      • Social: Leading their peers through Sports & Games (Sports Education Model)
      • Community: To play an active role in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle in the community.

PE Lessons - Games Modules

LevelGame 1Game 2Inter-class GamesSports Fiesta

Sec 1



 Netball (Modified) Netball (Modified)

Sec 2



Basketball & Football Football

Sec 3


Handball & Floorball

 Floorball Handball

Sec 4

Ultimate Frisbee


 Ultimate Frisbee Ultimate Frisbee

Sec 5


TouchBall & Touch Rugby

 Ultimate Frisbee Ultimate Frisbee

Our Students’ Experience

On Sports Education Model

“I think the model in learning PE is effective as we learn to try various roles and experience via this model. This model helps us to learn how to be for example, Coach, Scorekeeper and the other roles. This model also helps us understand the game more effectively.”

“The sports education model way is more in depth into the sport that we are playing while the traditional way is not very in depth into the sport. In conclusion, I think that the SEM version of PE is better.”

“Innovative and interesting which allows us to engage further in the games we play. Bettter way of playing games. Fun as we get along and work better as a team with the assigned roles.”

On Mental Skills Training – Advanced Elective Module:

“One meaningful thing I learnt is that no matter how others try to put us down, we should not be affected. It is meaningful to me because this teaches me how to face reality and also have good self-esteem. 2nd meaningful thing I learnt is how to cope with stress and motivate myself to do well in everything I do. It is meaningful to me because I can apply this in life and become more successful. One interesting/ surprising thing I learnt is the strategies the lecturer gives actually works and is effective. It is interesting/ surprising to me because I can apply it in real life effectively.”

“After the AEM, I wish to know more about how do you motivate or encourage a friend. Like, rather than just saying, “Come on!”. What are other stuffs you can do to motivate someone?”

“The learning experience benefited me in building up my self-efficiency and changing my mind-set to become optimistic. I discovered that I can actually be very positive if I want to.”

To find out more, Visit the PE & Sports Website and Instagram.