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Activities and Achievements

Quality and Innovation – The Way to Success

The Humanities Department believes that authentic learning and student engagement are the key to developing students for the 21st Century. Our collective aim is to create lessons that are aligned with the syllabus and authentic vis-à-vis real-world contexts. 21st century competencies such as Communication, Collaboration and Information Skills; Civic Literacy; Global Awareness; and Cross-Cultural Skills are interwoven in our humanities curriculum.

Humanities Inquiry-Based Learning through Investigation (Geographical/Historical/Social Issues) 

To enrich students’ learning of the various humanities subjects across levels, the Humanities Department adopts a developmental Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) structure for Humanities Investigation. The IBL fieldwork/Investigation packages provide teachers with the opportunity to align the Lower and Upper Secondary syllabi to facilitate greater depth of learning, subject mastery and progressive development of skills. These packages are used to introduce hypothesis creation and to develop students’ competencies, such as data-gathering skills in fieldwork and investigation, technical skills in using ICT apps, as well as social-emotional skills.

Information on the Lower Secondary Humanities (Geography/History) curriculum


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Secondary 1 Geographical Investigation – Learning Journey to the Southern Ridges, and Historical Investigation – Learning Journey to the Singapore History Museum and Fort Canning Hill

The Secondary 1 students made a learning journey to the Southern Ridges to carry out a student-directed geographical inquiry and engage with experiential learning. It helped them to develop greater appreciation of the relevance of Geography to their daily lives. As an integral part of the new Lower Secondary History curriculum, the learning journey to the Singapore History Museum for Secondary 1 students provided opportunities for them to conduct historical investigation and learn more about the lifestyles and living conditions of the early immigrants.  The students also made a visit to Fort Canning Hill to learn more about archaeological excavation.


Secondary 2 Geographical Investigation – Building a sense of place through the past, present and future (Visit to Tiong Bahru Estate) and Historical Investigation – Learning Journey to the Singapore History Museum

For the Secondary 2 students, Geographical Inquiry was adopted to make learning authentic and challenging. Students conducted inquiry-based fieldwork at Tiong Bahru on the topic of Housing, to evaluate the concept of inclusive housing in one of Singapore's oldest housing estates. The aims of this geographical investigation were: 1) to discover the places in the neighbourhood that are special to the residents and understand the reasons why; and 2) recognise and appreciate how different residents may feel differently about the different places in the neighbourhood. These aims are in line with the Geography syllabus and provided opportunities for students to apply the fieldwork skills they had learnt in class to an authentic learning situation.

Students’ tasks included interviewing residents, shop owners and even tourists about their impressions of the estate, and field sketching at Singapore's last remaining civilian bomb shelter. These IBL tasks helped students to develop a geographical lens when observing and analysing their surroundings.

The Secondary 2 students also made a learning journey to the Singapore History Museum, to conduct historical investigation about the Japanese Occupation, and learn more about the lifestyles and living conditions of the people during that dark period in Singapore’s history.

Geography Inquiry at Tiong Bahru - Interview proprietors

Geography Inquiry at Tiong Bahru - Interview residents

Geography Inquiry at Tiong Bahru - Sketching

Geography Inquiry at Tiong Bahru

Geography Inquiry at Tiong Bahru - Field Sketching

Secondary 3 Humanities Investigation & Inquiry

The Secondary 3 History students benefited from the History Layered Curriculum research package on the topic of Hitler’s Rule, while the Geography students studied weather and climate conditions as part of their Geographical investigation. In addition, all Secondary 3 Humanities students also conducted a Social Studies issue-based inquiry research in collaborative groups, to gain more in-depth understanding and better appreciation of the effects of immigration policies on Singapore’s diverse society. 

Secondary 4 Geographical Investigation – The Civic District

For their inquiry-based project, the Secondary 4 students researched on the attractiveness of the Civic District, which comprises of the Ancient Civilisations Museum and various other tourist destinations along the Singapore River. Students designed their own research projects by first coming together to develop their hypothesis, followed by a selection of the relevant methodology such as interviews, internet research and surveys. The students also developed their communication skills as they had to interact with tourists and members of the public during the course of their IBL project.

Partnership and Achievements

Our Humanities teachers continue to collaborate closely with researchers from the National Institute of Education (NIE), ELIS Consultants and Geography Master Teachers from the Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST). We also form learning communities with colleagues from other schools so as to continually improve our teaching methods. 

Ms Nur Sufriena Bte Suhaini, Mr Clarence Ng and Mr Henry Kwek presented their classroom research on Subject Literacy Support Approach in the Teaching of Social Studies at the 52nd RELC International Conference. Ms Sazryna Lee Samsudin presented on Differentiated Instruction in History at the 2017 MOE Excel Fest while Ms Joani Lim and Ms Kathleen Kwan shared the Geography teachers’ work on Tourism at GeoConnect 2017.

Our Geography students, Manoj Warrier Meghana (4E2), Muhammed Azeem Mansoor Ali (4E2) and Bushra Jahan (4E4) took part in the NUS Geography Challenge 2017, an annual competition jointly organised by the NUS Department of Geography and the NUS Geographical Society. A team of Secondary 2 students took part in the Prove IT! Contest 2017 organised by the National Library Board. This annual contest challenges students’ ability to conduct research analyse various sources of information. The team comprised of Kenneth Chong Ken Seng (2I1), Ong Peng Hock, Xavier (2I1), Chang Kai Xin, Avril (2I2), Dexter Wang Bing Hao (2I2), Tay Jerine (2I3), Chin Guan Wu, Ryan (2I4), Nurul Azmina Bte Zulazmi (2I7) and Ryan Thein Minn (2I7). 

Two of our students, Allysha Bte Mohamed Kamalruzaman (2I3) and Ryan Thein Minn (2I7), participated in the ‘Student Focus Group Discussion For Full-Term Review Of Lower Secondary History Syllabuses’ conducted by MOE CPDD Humanities Branch.

Winners for NUS Geography Challenge 2018 (Preliminary Round)

The National University of Singapore Geography Challenge (NUS GC) is an annual non-profit Geography competition jointly organized by the NUS Department of Geography and the NUS Geographical Society. We seek to engage, empower and educate students on local and global issues and highlight the omnipresence of Geography in our everyday lives. Through participating in this challenge, NUS GC also aims to encourage students to embark on independent learning. With the guidance of Mdm Sufriena and Ms Kathleen Kwan, we are proud to present to you 
SKSS’ Top Performing Individuals from the competition:

Top Performing Individuals (Silver) Classes
Neleh Tok Ying Yun
Top Performing Individuals (Bronze)
Ong Pei Chong 4-4