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Quality & Innovation – The Way to Success in the Humanities


Key Focus and Curriculum

Quality and Innovation – The Way to Success

The Humanities Department in Seng Kang Secondary School believes that authentic learning and student engagement are the key to developing students for the 21 st Century. Our collective aim is to create lessons that are relevant to the syllabus and yet are authentic. Thus, skills like Communication, Collaboration and Information Skills, and Civic Literacy, Global Awareness and Cross-Cultural Skills are continually interwoven into our curriculum.


Humanities Inquiry-Based Learning through Investigation (Geographical/Historical/Social Issues)

To enrich students’ learning of the various humanities subjects across levels, the Humanities Department adopts a developmental structure for Humanities Investigation, the Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) way. The vehicle to develop these skills in students is through the IBL fieldwork/Investigation packages; which the IBL packages provide teachers with the opportunity to align the Lower and Upper Secondary syllabus to facilitate greater depth of learning, subject mastery and progressive development of skills. These packages are used to introduce hypothesis creation and develop students’ skills and competencies: data-gathering skills in fieldwork/Investigation, technical skills like ICT apps, as well as social-emotional competencies.