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Activities and Achievements

EL Reading & Writing Programme

To promote the love of reading and to create a more pervasive culture of reading for pleasure and knowledge, the department has embarked on long-term initiatives like the newspaper and storybook reading programme, the Reading Passport and book sharing.

To maximize the learning from the newspaper reading conducted twice a week for all levels and streams, we supplemented it with activities that seek to strengthen the link between receptive and productive skills through content building by theme. In this way reading has become both purposeful and relevant to the students.

In addition, the Reading Passport, an initiative introduced to expose students to a wide variety of writing styles, also serves as a motivation for students to challenge themselves to read 8 books or more per semester by providing them with intermediate milestones. For each book read, students complete a task in their Reading Passport which is subsequently acknowledged by their English teachers, permitting them to receive 3 stamps which are then redeemed for a token. To acquire another token, they must produce 6 stamps while 8 stamps can be exchanged for a voucher.

Meanwhile, book sharing has contributed to an avid interest in books among the students. In the first semester, teachers share with their students, good books that they have read, in order to pique the students’ interest. In the second semester, students follow suit by sharing the books that they have read. This ‘lead by example’ initiative also manages to keep our teachers abreast with the books worth reading.

We work with the National Library Board to create a library programme that provides opportunities for students to engage with the books that fascinate them. The students are encouraged to complete a questionnaire that helps us to identify the genre of books that they are fans of, and attend Book Buzz which is basically talks by librarians to showcase good reads. Students also take part in Books 2 Go, a programme for mass borrowing of books from the library. Reaper Tales entails 10 Secondary One and Two students indulging in a night of horror stories. These programmes have proved to be a hit with the students!

Students also benefit from a Literature programme that encourages critical thinking and develops empathy as well as an appreciation for the English Language.

Our teachers have grown in their awareness and understanding of the writing process too, and incorporated instructional strategies such as Open Reads, Quick Writes, and journaling.

Students grow as competent communicators through our student-centred and collaborative approach, developing the skills needed to be future-ready.

Secondary 1 Drama Enrichment

The Secondary One English Drama enrichment programme was conducted by ACT 3 Drama Academy. The sessions in dramatic skills and vocal presentation were intensive but fun and provided the students with an avenue for artistic expression. The main focus is to build their self-esteem, critical thinking skills, communication skills and confidence. The students used different stimuli such as poem, prose and story starters for creative work with a main focus on speech and communication. They also used role play, improvisation and creative movement to communicate their feelings and thoughts. At the end, the students performed in front of an audience, who were also their peers. The interaction with the audience is part of the learning process and fine tunes their performance skills.


Deep in discussion

Do you think she looks scary enough..?

Rehearsing for our final presentation

Time to say goodbye… and for a group photo with our certificates!

Competitions & Achievements

Our teachers have been working closely with Principal Master Teacher, Ms Varalackshmi Hariharan, from the English Language Institute of Singapore (ELIS) over the past three years to hone our pedagogical knowledge in reading & writing, reading comprehension and assessment setting. With the help of Ms Vara, the department focused on our pedagogies for teaching comprehension and writing. Ms Ann Cheo and Ms Nivashini presented their practices with Ms Varalackshmi at the 2017 RELC Conference and the 2017 ELIS Conference.

Ms Ann Cheo (L) and Ms Nivashini (R) presented at the RELC Conference with Principal Master Teacher, Ms Varalackshmi Hariharan (M)

14 of our Literature students participated in two events at the 2017 National Schools Literature Festival held at St. Anthony's Canossian Secondary on 15 July 2017. Our lower secondary students performed commendably in the Lower Secondary Choral Speaking event while our Sec 3S4 Literature students won their Upper Secondary Unseen Poetry Debate against Presbyterian High.

  • Choral Speaking team members: Aw Ryan (1R1), Syakira Adriana Binte Abdul Aziz, (1R1), Yor Zhi Sheng George (1R2), Serene Teo Jing Xuan (1R3), Teong Hsi Yun Cheryl (1R3), Chloe Lee (2I1), Carys Tey Shi Xuan (2I3), Natasya Humaira Bte Yazid (2I4), and Kong Qian Wein (2I5).
  • Unseen Poetry Debate team members: Akhilesh Subramanian Iyer, Foo Yong Wei Evelyn, Latisha Sonia Shaymentyran, Nur Iman Bte Mohd Imran, and Tasha Sharmini Raja (all from Sec 3S4).

1R2 students presenting an item during their Drama Enrichment Programme
3S4 Literature students posing with their trophy for winning their Unseen Debate at the 2017 NSLF