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Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

Seng Kang Secondary School’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP) aims to ignite students’ interest in the field of “Health Science and Technology” by creating opportunities to allow them to explore technology to develop solutions towards better living.

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Students are excited to test the sensors they built.Students work collaboratively, testing the Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) in Arduino circuit. 

Each student will go through a 10 hour programme each year in Secondary 1 and 2, exploring microcontrollers, sensors and devices to build circuits which monitor and measure health related indicators such as temperature and heart rate (pulse). 

This year, our Secondary 1 ALP lessons include, understanding the causes and consequences of high blood pressure and using a blood pressure monitor to measure BP. Besides monitoring devices, students also explore building temperature warning system to detect high temperature in human bodies. These lessons allow students to make connections between knowledge and skills through real world context. They apply thinking skills, connect knowledge across subject disciplines, stretch their imagination and build interest in the areas of science and technology.

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Students work in pairs deliberate on identified issues and to solve problems.Instructions are provided to guide students to build the circuits. 

Students work in pairs or groups to deliberate on identified issues, make attempts to solve problems while learning the technology behind. This process provides our students with opportunities to acquire skills like collaboration, communication and independent learning, which nurture them to be lifelong learners and resilient leaders.

Students who exhibit greater interest or aptitude get to work on projects at higher level, and represent school to compete at national level competitions. There will also be opportunities for industrial attachments, events and fairs for students to showcase their work and talents. These will provide students with greater exposure in the Health Science industry which is a very important sector in our society. As part of our co-curriculum, we hope they will eventually contribute and serve the needs in the Health Science or wider STEM industry in the future.