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Student Leadership

SKSS Student Leadership Framework

Vision: Student leaders of Seng Kang Secondary aims to be the bridge for the student body, serving the school in the spirit of unity.
Mission: To develop all SKY to “lead with character”

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The Student Leadership Development Committee adopts the STEER approach (selection, training, experience and exposure and recognition) in developing our students in the Leadership domain. The committee attempts to stretch the potential of every student to the fullest to prepare them to become confident and competent leaders.

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The committee adopts the Student Leadership Challenge model by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner as our main training philosophy. This model works on the basis that any student can be a leader. The five practices of Model the Way, Inspired a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart tie in with the school values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.
The Student Leadership Development Committee aims to develop all Seng Kang Youths to “Lead with Character”.

The Student Leaders consists of four sub-groups of leaders. The Student Council are the highest rank of student leadership, taking charge of organising and supporting formal school events. They also support the school through their daily duties. The Sports Leaders are ambassadors of healthy living through sports, and organise the annual Sports Fiesta as well as the Inter-Class Games. Classroom Leaders consist of the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of each class, are responsible for managing the behaviour of their classes, and play a crucial role in supporting their Form Teachers. And the CCA Leaders consist of the highest positions of each respective CCA.

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Based on the teachers' assessment of the students' readiness and leadership potential, the students will be given opportunities to take up various leadership roles in the different domains of school life. There is provision of training programmes, coupled with opportunities to experience, exercise and hone their leadership skills. Student leaders will be evaluated through assessment and feedback to allow them to work on continuously improving themselves. The contribution and efforts of the student leaders will be recognised through the annual Student Leaders Investiture and other suitable recognition platforms.

Student Leadership Flagship Programme

Annual Student Leaders Camp, Student Leaders Investiture

SKSS Student Leaders List

Student Council Exco 2018/19
President - Durgashini Parameswaran (4-1)
Vice President (Discipline) - Muhammad Izzat Rayyan (4-2)
Vice President (Welfare) - Nur Rashidha D/O Shihabudeen (4-1)
Head of Secretariat - Tay Jerine (4-2)
Assistant Head of Secretariat - Natalie Chan Li Ying (4-7)
Head of Special Project - Kenneth Chong Ken Seng (4-1)
Head of Publicity - M. Priyadharshini (4-2)

Sports Leaders Exco 2018/19
President - Koh Jia Ling (4-4)
Vice President - Mohamed Asyraf (4-7)
Head of Secretariat - Malihah Mashood (4-6)
Head of Discipline - Chung Weng Chin (4-1)
Head of Welfare - Low Zi Yan, Jean (4-2)
Head of Cheerleading - Qiang Wei (4-3)
Teacher in Charge Contact List

Name/Designation Email Address
Miss Serene Loh (Advisor)
Miss Eunice Chia (Student Council Teacher Mentor)
Miss Kathleen Kwan (Classroom Leaders Teacher Mentor)
Mr Bernard Wu (Sports Leaders Teacher Mentor)