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Cyber Wellness


The aim of the Cyber Wellness programme is to develop Seng Kang Youths’ instinct to protect and empower him to take responsibility for his own well-being in cyberspace. As Learners for Life, they will be equipped with positive online skills and behaviour.


Safe and responsible use & Respect for self and others
The school adopts MOE’s Cyber Wellness Framework in educating our students on Cyber Wellness. This framework focuses on three key processes: Sense, Think and Act.

Key Strategies

Ø  KS1: Use of head-heart-hands approach
              Head (Sense-Think): Knowledge (CCE lessons, workshops)
              Heart (Sense-Think-Act): Experience (Values)
Hand (Act): Outreach/advocacy (Ambassadors Programme, Intensive Programme for targeted students)
Ø  KS2: Leveraging on partners (Touch Community Services, MetoYou Cybercare, Media Literacy Council)
Ø  KS3: Close monitoring of programmes (Refer to OPAL resources and training guidebook provided by Guidance Branch)
Ø  KS4: Evaluation of programme (feedback and assessment)

Key Platforms

Key School Event Date
1 Safer Internet Day 6 February
2 Cyber Wellness Fair (Sec 1 & 2) 30 July & 2 August

Student Leadership Development

Student leaders are also recruited as Cyber Wellness ambassadors to lead team for competitions, class advocacy and morning mocha

CyberWellness Education Year Plan

Focus for different levels:
Sec 1: Personal awareness (digital footprint, maintaining a positive online identity, regulated use of social media)
Sec 2: Managing online relationships (cyber bullying, regulated use of social media)
Sec 3-5: Responsible decision making (responding to mindsets/influences in social media, cyber pornography, regulated use of social media)

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
Secondary 1 L1 (W4): Online Presence – My role in the cyber world L2 (W1): Online Self-Disclosure – This will never happen to me! (online identity & expression)

L3 (W9): How dependent am I on online interactions?
L4 (W8): How am I relating online and offline?
CW Workshop by MetoYou Cybercare
Secondary 2 L1 (W4): How am I relating online and offline?

L2 (W7): Standing up for my friends (cyber bullying)
L3 (W9): Who do I really want to be? (online identity & expression) L4 (W7): Who’s interested in me? (handling online content)
CW Workshop by MetoYou Cybercare
Secondary 3 L1 (W4): How am I creating and sharing? (handling online content)

L2 (W8): The one-way mirror (about the cyber world)

L3 (W8): Being true to my identity and strengthening it (online identity & expression)

L4 (W9): How am I communicating? (online relationships)
Secondary 4 L1 (W4): Online encounters (about the cyber world) L2 (W2): Online reputation management - What kind of digital trail am I leaving?

L3 (W9): Embracing diversity in our relationships - how are we relating in a globalised space online?
L4 (W2): I am a cyber wellness ambassador!

Teachers in charge

Name/Designation Email Address
Mdm Afiqah Liyana Binte Rahim
Mrs Kong Lay Lay