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NCC (Land)


NCC (Land)

NCC - Nurturing. Committed. Cool


Extraordinary Youth Leaders


To nurture inspiring leaders and committed citizens through fun, adventurous and military related activities

The NCC (Land) Company of Seng Kang Secondary school is a CCA that prides itself on the inculcation of Resilience, Courage, and Brotherhood amongst all its cadets. The mantra of “fearless” echoing through its ranks signifies the desire and determination to rise above all challenges – not being afraid to excel and achieve beyond one’s own inhibitions.  

Seng Kang NCC engages students in a wide variety of fun and challenging activities that are meaningful in developing our cadets’ potential. Some of these activities include – NCC HQ organized camps, School-organised outdoor camps (Pulau Ubin), One-star Kayaking courses, SAR 21 IMT and live firing, Anti-Smoking Campaign, cohesion outings, and many more. 

Leadership courses such as the Specialist and Officer Cadet courses shape our students to become responsible and capable leaders of tomorrow.

“The first duty of man is to conquer fear; he must get rid of it, he cannot act till then.” 
– Thomas Carlyle
This year is a milestone for our NCC (Land) Unit. Our unit achieved the Gold Award in the Best Unit Competition 2015. With the recognition from HQ NCC, we are poised to achieve greater heights in the years to come.


Commanding Officer: LTA (NCC) Sam Tan
Unit 2nd in Command: CPT (NCC) Leong Kok Wai
Teacher Officers: LTA (NCC) Kenneth Chua
  LTA (NCC) Clarence Ng
  LTA (NCC) Gideon Tan 

Cadet Officers:

C/Offr Muhammad Hafizhan 
C/Offr Muhammad Rusyaidi

Student Leaders:

Unit Sergeant Major:MSG Ahmad Asnawi B Moohamad (3S3)
Assistant Sergeant Major:
MSG Wu Yen Hao (3S1)
S3 (Ops & Training):
SSG Chong Kai Jie (3S1)
Junior Cadets Platoon Sergeant:
SSG Iqbal Hazman B Johari (3S2)
Senior Cadets Platoon Sergeant: SSG Lo Shao Chi (3S4)
S1 (Admin):SSG Muhammad B Kassim (3S3)
S4 (Logistics):SSG Seng Swee Chong (3S1)
Physical Training Instructor:
SSG Daryl Lim Jing Hng (3S4) 
Precision Drill Squad Instructor:
SSG Koh Kok Hong (3S1)
Special Projects IC:
SSG Selvan S/O Mahendran (3S2)

Training Days & Time::

Wednesday (3.45pm to 6.00pm)
Friday (2.30pm to 6.00pm)