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Develop team spirit and leadership qualities in our players


Develop skills, discipline and good character in our girls through playing Netball

Key Programme:

The Seng Kang Youth (SKY) Netball team aims to hone its netball skills and develop leadership qualities and team spirit in its members.  It upholds the values of integrity, resilience and excellence.

The team trains twice weekly, with trainings intensifying prior to and during national tournament periods which span from October to February yearly.  As a means to forge camaraderie and cooperation among its members, the Netball team organises events such as an annual camp.  In addition, a yearly farewell party for the graduating members is also held as a token of appreciation for the service that the senior members have rendered throughout their four years in the CCA.  

In order to enhance its skills and gain exposure on a competitive level, the Netball team participates in external tournaments, namely, the North Zone tournaments and Moulmein Cairnhill Active Carnival Day.


Overall in charge Ms Ellenn Low
Teacher 2nd I/C Mrs Joel Tan

Ms Liyana Mohd Ali
Coach Mr Christopher Koh Tat Meng

Student Leaders:
'B' Division
Phimphaka Sonya Liao 3S1
Vice-Captain (Admin)
Chng Shi Ting, Semelle 3S2
Vice-Captain (Training)
Felicia Pek Jia Ying 3S1
Vice-Captain (Welfare)Nurul Izzah Bte Mohamed Salleh 3S4
Publicity Head Hanis Sakinah Jummary 3S6
Logistic Head Nur Farhanah Bte Junadi 3S5 
'C' Division
Vice-Captain (Admin) Erica Khing Jing Jing 2I5
Vice-Captain (Training)
 Yap En Ying 2I1
Vice-Captain (Welfare)
 Cheryl Lee Xinyi 2I5

Training Days & Time:


3.30pm – 6.00pm


2.00pm to 5.00pm