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Modern Dance


Ms Nursimah Mokhtar

Ms Sazryna Lee Samsudin

Mdm Nurfazilah Abdul Aziz
CoachMs Rachel Chan Xuan (Jump Productions)
 Mr Chia Jin Kiat Ben ( Jump Productions) 

Student Leaders
Pang Wen Wei
Andre Goh Song Jun 
Chung Wen Chin 

Key Programme

Amplify: to make larger, greater or stronger. 

Yes, every dancer plays an important role in making the club greater and stronger. 2018 is another year of breakthrough, with the dancers pushing themselves beyond their capacity. Despite the time constraints, we continued to take the leap and participated in the Super 24 dance competition, which aims to challenge the team on their teamwork and ingenuity. Through this competition, the dancers learnt the importance of passion, hard work and dedication.

Another key highlight for 2018, is our active participation in various events such as the performing at the Singapore Tennis Festival and performing for school events such as Chinese New Year, National Day and Teachers’ Day concerts. In another breakthrough, we collaborated with ELDDS and Choir to put up SKSS first musical performance which was showcased during the school’s 20th Anniversary Speech Day. 

Apart from these performances, our weekly trainings focuses on improving and perfecting students’ dance techniques with an emphasis on Hip-Hop, and to develop students’ physical fitness as well as strengthen their physical conditioning. This core training aims to steer our dancers towards excellence and amplifying their passion for the mastery of the art of dance.

Highlights and Achievements


  • SYF Arts Presentation 2017 – Certificate of Accomplishment
  • Super 24 Dance Competition, July 2018

  • Chinese New Year, Feb 2018
  • National Day, Aug 2018
  • SKSS Speech Day,  June 2018
  • Teachers’ Day, Sep 2018
  • Singapore Tennis Festival, Oct 2018
Other Activities
  • SKSS Open House, 2017
  • Team Building Camp, 2017
  • Seniors’ Farewell & Appreciation, May 2018
  • Team Bonding Activities