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Ms Zhao Anna

Mrs Sibyl Yap
 Mr Andrew Chan
Instructor Miss Chng Lee Na 

Executive Committee Student Leaders (April 2018 to April 2019)
Ng Tian Lin Ashley
Hu Ping Ping
Lin Xiao Yu
Concert Mistress 1Chang Kai Xin Avril 3-2
Concert Mistress 2
Zhang Feng Yi
Logistics 1st ICLiau Ching Sian 
Logistics 2nd ICAng Zong Hong 
Publicity IC Steffi Tea Yu Tong 3-3
Cleanliness ICDamien Loo Yi Heng 
Welfare ICRyan Thein Minn 3-5

Key Progamme

SKSS Guzheng Ensemble is a closely-knitted community of students, teachers-in-charge and instructor. Students are bonded together by their common passion in creating good music. The goals of our CCA are as follow: 
 (i)   To inculcate music and cultural appreciation in our members 
 (ii)  To provide opportunities for our students to pursue and excel in their talent and passion 
 (iii)  To develop strength of character and resilience in our members   

SKSS Guzheng Ensemble was awarded the Certificate of Accomplishment for its performance at the Arts Presentation in 2017 and 2015. This is testament to the commitment and effort put in by the entire team under the guidance of our dedicated instructor, Ms Chng Lee Na.   

During the weekly CCA sessions, the students hone their musical skills in playing the Guzheng. In addition, the senior members will share learning pointers with the juniors, and they encourage one another to scale greater heights. Students are provided with various opportunities to perform and showcase their musical skills both within school functions such as Chinese New Year Celebrations and Racial Harmony, as well as at external events such as the Passion Arts Festival and Raffles Art Festival. Other activities such as the farewell lunch for our graduating students cum orientation for Secondary 1 students, annual year-end camp are also organised to serve as further bonding and learning platforms for our students.   

In Guzheng@SKSS, there is a saying, “Once a Guzheng member, you are forever a member in our family”.

Highlights and Achievements

Arts Presentation 2017 – Certificate of Accomplishment
Arts Presentation 2015 – Certificate of Accomplishment
Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging 2013 – Gold Award  

External Performances

Raffles Arts Festival 2018
Punggol Central Passion Arts Festival 2016, 2017, 2018
Police Internal Department Chinese New Year Performance 2015 & 2016