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Activities and Achievements


Information on the Lower Secondary Humanities (Geography/History) curriculum

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Secondary 1 Historical Investigation – Trip to Singapore Philatelic / History Museum

Historical Investigation is an integral part of the new Lower Secondary History curriculum. In 2015, an interactive learning journey to Singapore Philatelic Museum and Clark Quay was organised for the entire Sec 1 level as part of their Historical Inquiry. This History IBL project was designed on the topic of the living conditions and contributions of the early immigrants in Singapore. This IBL project is also linked to SG50 celebrations, to facilitate opportunities for students to make better meaning of Singapore Today based on their discovery of Singapore’s past. In March 2016,


Secondary 2 Geographical Investigation – Building a sense of place through the past, present and future (Visit to Tiong Bahru Estate)

For the Sec 2 students, Geographical Inquiry was adopted to make learning authentic and challenging. Students conducted inquiry-based fieldwork at Tiong Bahru on the topic of Housing, to evaluate the concept of inclusive housing in one of Singapore's oldest housing estates.  The aims of this geographical investigation are to: 1. discover places in the neighbourhood that are special to the residents and understand the reasons why; and 2. understand that different residents may feel differently about the different places in the neighbourhood. This was in line with the Geography syllabus and provided an opportunity to apply the fieldwork skills learnt in class to an authentic learning situation.


Their tasks included interviewing residents, shop owners and even tourists on their impressions of the estate, and field sketching at Singapore's last remaining civilian bomb shelter. These Inquiry Learning tasks help students to develop a geographical lens when observing and analysing their surroundings.

Geography Inquiry at Tiong Bahru - Interview proprietors

Geography Inquiry at Tiong Bahru - Interview residents

Geography Inquiry at Tiong Bahru - Sketching

Geography Inquiry at Tiong Bahru

Geography Inquiry at Tiong Bahru - Field Sketching

Secondary 3 Historical Investigation – Impact of Stalin’s Rule

Apart from the Layered Curriculum research package on the topic of Hitler’s Rule that was designed earlier, the teachers of Upper Secondary History Professional Learning Team further designed another IBL package on the topic of Stalin’s Rule this year. This Historical investigation leverages on the approach of Paul’s Wheel of Reasoning which required the Sec 3 History students, in collaborative groups, to conduct source-based research to gain more in-depth understanding and appreciate better the positive and negative effects of Stalin’s authoritarian regime.


Secondary 4 Geographical Investigation – to Gardens by the Bay

In this inquiry-based project, the Secondary 4 students researched on the attractiveness of a local tourist destination, which is the Gardens By the Bay. Students designed their own research projects by first coming together to develop their hypothesis, followed by a selection of the relevant methodology such as interviews, internet research and surveys. The students also developed their soft skills as they had to interact with tourists and members of the public.