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Stage it, win it


To cultivate the passion for choral music

SKY Chorale made a breakthrough in year 2013 by achieving the Certificate of Distinction for Arts Presentation 2013 (formerly known SYF) and have been awarded Certificate of Distinction for Arts Presentation 2015. As part of our vision and mission, we participated actively in various internal and external performances with the aim of gaining exposure by performing in different choral settings.

In addition, SKY Chorale’s participation in local school exchanges, provides a platform for the choir to learn from other chorale groups and seek to continually improve their performances.

We believe that with a passion for singing and an unwavering commitment, it will be an unforgettable and amazing chapter in our secondary school life. SKY Chorale will continue to strive for excellence in all future choral performances.


  • Combined Schools Chorale Exchange 2016 
  • Passion Art Festival 2016: A Brighter Singapore 
  • Arts Festival 2016
  • Voices in Harmony 2015
  • Arts Presentation’s Schools Exchange 2015
  • Ensemble Series 2015 at Singapore Conference Hall
  • PSG’s Parents Night 2014
  • Chorale By The Park 2014
  • Voices in Harmony 2014
  • Arts Festival 2014
  • ABRSM Choral Singing Examination 2013
  • SingFest 2013
  • Voices in Harmony 2013
  • Pasir Ris Punggol National Day Dinner 2013
  • Zhi Zhen Teng Compassionate and Care Dinner 2013


Ms Rachel Eng

Mdm Ma Li

Mrs Megan Lim
  Mrs Kim Ong
  Miss Kathleen Kwan
Conductor Mr Gerald Tan 

Student Leaders:

Kenny Chia Sen Hong
A. Brintha
Belinda Tan Mei Ru
Secretary Pun Hui Wen
Treasurer Nur Hadynah Bte Abdul Ghani

Training Days & Time:


3.45pm to 6.00pm

Fridays3.00pm to 5.30pm